New Requirements for Residential Solar Contractors in Nevada

The following requirements must be included in all residential solar contracts pursuant to SB 303 which was passed in the 2021 Legislative Session:

  • Down payments must not exceed $1,000 or 10 percent of the aggregate total contract price, whichever is less, of any initial down payment or deposit paid or promised to be paid to the contractor by the owner of the single-family residence before the start of construction.
  • The estimated date of completion and a description of all work to be performed under the contract.
  • Changes in scope or price of the work to be performed under the contract must be agreed to in writing by both parties; change orders are not enforceable if not adhered to as directed.
  • New installation projects must include a plan and scale drawing showing the shape, size, dimensions, and specifications for the construction and equipment for work outlined in the contract.
  • Information about progress payments and commissioned salespeople.
  • Disclosure of the retail price of a kilowatt per hour, any offsetting tariff, and the identity of the provider-of-last-resort for the single-family residence at the time the contract is executed.
  • Statement that the contractor is responsible for the acts, statements, and representations (written or oral), of a sales representative used in the advertising, marketing, or sale of residential solar systems.
  • Notices informing consumers of the PUC, right to request performance bond, contact an attorney, or copy of the contract in the language used to explain the contract terms.
  • Contractor must obtain all necessary permits and approvals from the interconnecting electrical utility provider.

Violation of these statutes may result in discipline by the NSCB and may be reported to the Nevada Attorney General’s Office for a potential violation of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. 

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